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Back to school- keep stress low on the scale

back to school blog imgTo all of the Mom’s out there ~ how is the new school year starting off for you? It is a precious time to see our kids getting back into a good routine and in learning mode again after a fun-filled summer.

However, we also know it can be challenging for families to get settled back into a schedule filled with new teachers, classes and different priorities.  It can be stressful keeping everything in balance, while maintaining energy.

We have a few great tips for maintaining energy, minimizing stress and keeping your family organized. Most importantly, make sure you have a fun refillable water bottle for everyone to stay hydrated.  Dehydration can lead to unnecessary headaches, which can alter your child’s learning ability.

  • If you like blueberries, try our NEWEST Greens product ‘Green Chews.’ They’re power-packed with antioxidants to give you energy and keep your body healthy. They are convenient for on the go, and kids will love them too!
  • Set a scheduled family time activity that works around homework priorities.   Go for a walk. Bust out an old board game.
  • Create a fun family wall organizer. There are many ideas on Pinterest to keep you and your kids organized in a fun way. There still may be a few bargains at a local yard sale!!



What are some ways you can minimize stress and maximize organization during the busy back-to-school season? 

Stay tuned for some great fall ideas coming your way soon!