Goals vs. Dreams to Help You Find Balance

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Writing down goals and taking action is a great way to achieve balance in your life. Dreams are an integral part of the inspiration process, but documenting them is the key to success.

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Where to Set Goals

There are many areas in your life where goals are important for maintaining balance: 

• Family and Home
• Financial and Career
• Spiritual and Ethical
• Physical and Health
• Social and Cultural

• Mental and Educational


How to Reach Goals Successfully

Just keep in mind these key principles for setting your goals and accomplishing your dreams:

• When setting goals it is very important to remember that your goals should be consistent with your values.
• Eliminate contradictory ideas from your thinking.
• The more positive instructions you give your goal, the more positive results you will get.
• Writing down your goals creates the roadmap for your success.
• Keep your goals personal to avoid negative energy from others who don’t agree or support your goals whole-heartedly.  However, share your goals with those who play a key role in your accountability for success!
• Consider a dream board of positive images, quotes and thoughts about your ultimate goal and your WHY behind it.

When you begin your roadmap of positive, attainable goals, whether it is health, financial or other, it is important that they are in alignment with one another and that you revisit them often. Keeping your goals fresh on your mind will set you up for optimum success. 


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Your goals should complement one another for overall balance and peace in life.



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