Keeping Hydrated and the Health Benefits of Water

Importance of Water

The Importance of Water

Water is a key element for our body.  Because the human body is designed with water as the largest constituent, it is essential! Our body is made up of over 60-70% water. “Our blood is more than 80%‚ our brain … over 75%‚ and the human liver is an amazing 96% water!

Our energy level is determined by the amount of water we drink. It has been medically proven that just a 5% drop in body fluids will cause a 25% to 30% loss of energy in the average person… a 15% drop in body fluids causing death!”  (Dorchester Health)


Keeping Hydrated

Proper hydration is important to help our bodies function at healthy levels. Many people suffer from energy loss because they have minor dehydration. When we do not input the water we output, we become dehydrated, leading us to stress, and more stress leads to more dehydration. There is a lot of debate about the amount of water to drink, so drinking at least half your body weight in ounces is a great start to prevent dehydration.


How Our Bodies Use Water

The use of water in our body is applied to every bodily function whether we know it or not, which means our bodies use water even while we are sitting down and relaxing. Isn’t that crazy to think about? Here is a list for some of the ways our body functions with water…

Benefits of water

  • Water is essential for distributing nutrients, hormones, antibodies and oxygen through the blood stream & lymphatic system.
  • It also allows proteins & enzymes of the body to function more efficiently.
  • H2O regulates our body temperature through perspiration.
  • Water lubricates our joints.
  • Improved weight loss can be achieved with a hydrated body.
  • Back pain is frequently alleviated with hydration.
  • The kidneys remove wastes such as uric acid, urea & lactic acid, all of which must be dissolved in water.
  • Water alleviates headaches, which can be an indicator of critical body temperature regulation at times of “heat stress.” Dehydration plays a major role in bringing on headaches.

Check out some of these top high in water foods that can help you keep hydrated. 


What We Recommend

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