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Body Wrap Pros’ tips to eat an all organic food diet.

Choose Organic Foods (GMO free)

Tips to eat an all organic food diet

Consumers are becoming more educated about their food supply. It’s a growing movement to shop for and eat GMO (genetically modified organism) free foods. Have you joined in yet? Are you purchasing organic foods?

There are many good reasons to consider joining the GMO free movement! Typically, the food industry and some farms allow pesticides, genetic modifications and preservatives to be used on our produce, meats, grains, nuts, and more. However, the costs of buying organic food can hinder families from making healthy choices for better health.

How Bad Is It Really?

Genetic Modification to our food is a scary topic when you learn more about it. There are many undiscovered/untraceable diseases associated with the use of GMO, however, it is known for a fact that they can negatively affect our immune system and permanently live within us. Despite the evidence that our food is harmful to the body, many are still concerned about the costs associated with going organic.

Organic Food and Costs

Organic Food and Costs

It’s true that going organic can be slightly more pricey than your average food choices, but when you really consider the health of your family, it becomes an important decision. Most packaged organic food like chips, cookies, etc, are where a lot of the costs can potentially add up. Meats and produce are the most important food groups to purchase organically.




Healthy Eating Tips

There are several tips for saving and buying healthier food that we want to pass along! We understand that it can be overwhelming to consider all the foods that are modified and full of chemicals, so here are a few guidelines for eating clean healthy foods.



  • Eating out
  • Packaged foods (unless noted Organic or GMO free)
  • 4 digit produce labels and 5 digit produce labels beginning with eight

Opt for more:

  • Non-hormone injected and GMO free grain fed animals
  • 5 digit produce labels beginning with nine or local farmers market (Find your local farmers market and farms with Local Harvest.)
  • Buy in season
  • Start your own garden with heirloom seeds
  • Purchase farm fresh dairy, eggs and meat

Check out one of our recent Facebook updates on how to remember if your produce is healthy.

Remember Not to Stress

During your transition to organic, don’t stress about the process! Consider changing one food group at a time (like meats, then produce) to set up a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. Try mixing it up each week as well.


What are your organic food buying tips? Share them with us…


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