How to get a tone, slim summer body

how to get a slim summer body with body wrapsKeep a clean, healthy diet

A clean, healthy diet is the first step toward getting your body bikini-ready!  Ideally you will want to avoid as many processed and packaged foods as possible and cook/eat  more summer vegetables and lean meats.   Simple things like cutting out 1 or 2 food/drink items that are packed with sugar and sodium will make a big difference in how you feel and will go a long way toward helping you slim down.


Use more than one workout style

Cardio is an essential part of toning your body for summer, but it’s also important to use some weight training- whether it’s with equipment, free weights or your own body weight. Building lean muscle involves burning more energy to turn fat into muscle for a more toned and slim bikini body. Don’t forget to mix it up your workouts, so your body doesn’t settle into anticipation of what your next workout routine will be.


Drink plenty of water

Don’t forget!  Another very important factor for slimming your body is drinking plenty of water. H2O will help your muscles recover from workouts, help you digest food, detox your body and fill up between meals.


Try a Body Wrap

When you integrate an Ultimate Body Applicator with healthy eating, exercise and hydration, you maximize your slimming potential. Buy a treatment of 4 wraps for $59 and apply one wrap for at least 45 minutes to your tummy, arms, legs, back, etc, you may just experience results like these:


Before and after it works wrapBefore and after it works wrap

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