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Kids are Back to School, Rejuvenation Ideas for Moms

Alone TimeWinding down after a fun-filled summer with kids can be challenging! Chances are while you were busy helping your children enjoy their summer there wasn’t much time to “recharge” your own energy levels.  And now that school has started, there are new routines and activities that require a whole new kind of juggling skills and time commitments!.

Schedule in a time!

Now that the kids are back in school, it will be even more important to rely on a routine and schedule to keep life balanced.  Make sure to schedule in the time to rejuvenate yourself!  If it seems impossible, maybe consider having a family member or friend watch your little one while you charge up your batteries, then offer to exchange the favor.  Scheduling ahead on a regular basis, and being creative on options, may just work out to be a win-win for everyone.


Pampering Ideas to Consider

Here are a few FUN ideas to consider for a scheduled “pampering time”:

  • Get a pedicure, manicure or facial
  • Try a massage
  • Ask your hairstylist for a trendy cut or color
  • Dive into a new book
  • Slip away to the beach
  • Hire someone to clean for you
  • Join a local fitness group
  • Take a bubble bath


Healthy Alone Time Makes a Happy Family

Maintaining  balance and setting aside nurturing time for a facial, massage or simply quiet relax time is very important to keeping you healthy, sane and the best you can be for your  family. You invest a lot of work into making your family happy, safe, well fed and loved, but it’s important to remember to take care of yourself as well! Next time you’re feeling run down or stressed, try to schedule in a “pampering time” and it just might give you the rejuvenation you need!


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